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  • Specialisms/key products
  • Disabled adaptation design and consultancy service.
  • Experienced contract administrators.
  • In depth knowledge of disabled facilities grants.

About idapt LLP

The idapt strap line reads 'innovating disabled design' which has since become the firm's mission statement. When idapt co-founder, Nigel Burton, adopted this philosophy it was about empowering the client and creating design solutions whilst 'thinking outside the box'. It sets the tone and direction of today's partnership and is now at the heart of everything we do.

Our goal is to develop creative and unique products. idapt planner was the first and still is our best selling online drawing tool. It started with a concept borne out of experience, a desire for good design and a need to communicate clearly with clients. We continue to develop idapt planner so it still meets these aims but always with a desire to push the boundaries further. Accessible environments are not just about products but rather the right solution for the individual.

Along the way, idapt has established a number of important relationships. To be innovative, we, as a firm, believe you have to continually listen and assess. We have developed relationships with a number of suppliers, occupational therapists, healthcare professionals and clients to enable us to do just that. We strive to be at the centre of new developments and, in some cases, to do just a little bit to help shape the future.

Our headquarters is located just outside Bristol. Whilst this is the hub of our organisation, today we distribute our products to countries worldwide. Each member of our staff and development teams are dedicated to fulfilling our mission statement: 'innovating disabled design'.