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Introduction: idapt planner

idapt planner: disabled adaptations is the easiest and most cost effective way to create disabled adaptation plans online. idapt has established an online community of occupational therapists, surveyors, architects, technical officers and other professionals who regularly visit the idapt planner website.

Why are sales teams using idapt planner?
  • Allows design proposals to be created with ease on a 'drag and drop' basis.
  • Speeds up sales from the point of contact to delivery and installation of products.
  • In the 'cloud' and accessible from anywhere allowing sales teams to access clients' information on the road.
  • Helps sales teams give better advice to clients by allowing them to easily visualise design proposals.
  • Provides suppliers with a unique insight into who is using and considering its products.
  • Helps target marketing by knowing how many times your product has been used in a postcode area.

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Why should we include our products in idapt planner?

  • Allows you to include full technical details and photos of the product for the planner to use.
  • Places your products in front of the decision makers.
  • A specification or schedule of works is generated which includes an itemised list of the products included in the plan making it more likely your products will be purchased.
  • Provides the planner with all the information they need to make an appropriate product selection.
  • Allows a scaled icon of your product to be included in a design proposal (in both plan, front and side views).
  • Include recommended space standards so planners get the right product first time.

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Send sales rocketing with idapt planner

How can idapt planner increase your sales?

  • Places your products in front of those people who are specifying specialist adaptations.
  • Raises awareness of new products by having details in front of users of idapt planner.
  • Access to a large client base of occupational therapists, design consultants, architects, surveyors, technical officers and others.
  • Your products included in a design proposal.
  • Increases the chance of an order being placed by including product specific details in a final specification or schedule of works.
  • Better client experience as the plans produced are in colour and give a greater visual representation of the proposed works.

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Why advertise your products with idapt planner?

  • Maximum exposure to a large traffic of new and existing visitors to the idapt planner website.
  • Uniquely visitors to the idapt planner website are almost always your target customers.
  • Wide user base and potential target audience, including occupational therapists, technical officers, design consultants, contractors, many other professionals and the general public.
  • idapt planner users spend extended periods on the website providing you with plenty of opportunity to get your message across.
  • idapt planner website visitors continually return on a regular basis presenting multiple opportunities to showcase your products and services.
  • Flexible and affordable advertising packages available.

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Why should we advertise in the idapt directory of professionals?

  • Reach a wide audience of people who need help with disabled adaptations.
  • A link to your own website with a good 'click through' rate.
  • You set the target audience by limiting the listing to those regions where you want to advertise.
  • Affordable packages available, including premium advertising opportunities so your listing is always returned first.
  • Create a network of fellow professionals helping to build business relationships and potential referrals.
  • Include pictures and key specialism in your advert.

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